Jo Hendrikx

A strategy developer that goes deep into the core of businesses and then indicates the direction they should follow. Hard when it comes to figures but soft when dealing with people and has an undeniable commitment to clients and colleagues. She also guards the Straight values, does what she says and keeps her promises.

Someone who is into sports and has a weakness for diving and skiing. Whose astonished face always wonders what lies beyond the horizon, and who is not afraid of adventure. However, her greatest achievement is doubtlessly having her two beautiful daughters.

Günther Leppens

As an expert in logistics processes, he keeps an eagle eye out for efficiency improvements in organizations, processes and procedures. This is often an addition of small changes, but which have a major impact on the effectiveness of an organization.

He is also a devoted father, who likes to immerse himself in a fictional world of bits and bytes. There, too, he is constantly looking for small adjustments for a higher total score. A game of Tetris, anyone?

Walter Wybauw

Walter loves people, and people love Walter. It is, therefore, no surprise that he is an expert in the field of personal and organizational development. As a certified mediator, prevention advisor and expert in non-violent communication, he is also perfectly placed to defuse sensitive situations effectively.

He swiftly continues on the same line in his private life, in which he is a volunteer with the Department of Urgent Social Services of the Belgian Red Cross. In addition, he regularly travels to the Kara Tepe refugee camp on Lesbos, to aid people who need it most. A model of social commitment for which we can only have the greatest admiration.

Niels Evens

Administrative mainstay who makes sure our paperwork is in order. Managing calendars, order confirmations, purchases, sending invitations for workshops or events… Niels is the reliable final link in our paper mill. The calmness itself who always puts the interests of the team first.

An unconditional family man who enjoys good food, both preparing and eating it. It should therefore not surprise you that in addition to his part-time job at Straight, he can also be found in the kitchen as a professional cook.

Guido Leppens

A tower of strength behind the scenes, mainly focusing on developing and organizing team buildings. Backed by years of service in the army, he is the right person to combine creativity, group spirit and perseverance in well-considered activities with concrete added value.

A man who prefers travelling with a tent and a backpack to a five-star hotel and gives preference to direct contact with people rather than the hubbub of social media. A man with a fondness for technical diving, who always goes straightforward.

Joëlle Demot

An energetic girl Friday who does a mishmash of work. From delivering parcels and preparing events to writing reports and making presentations: Joëlle takes care of it all. She lost her heart in the care sector, but while she so passionately worked for us as a student, she also conquered our hearts.

The pertinent optimist of the gang, who always succeeds in making us smile. Always in for a party, no matter the time or place.

Katrien De Vocht

Katrien De Vocht

Operational resourceful fellow who acts as cement between Straight’s bricks. Making the inventory, following up and advising: she feels like a fish in water in the role of project facilitator, who is not afraid to explore deep waters together with you. And always with dedication and passion.

This is, by the way, a thread that she extends to her private life. As a partner, as a mother, as a pianist and as a sports woman. A busy bee who is determined to get the honey out of life, to the last drop.


At the moment, we do not have any concrete vacancies. But do not let that stop you from convincing us of your abilities! If you could feel at home with the Straight approach and philosophy, please be sure to contact us. We would love to hear what added value you would bring to our team.

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Are you looking for a personal sounding board? Jo Hendrikx, the driving force behind Straight, also coaches entrepreneurs and managers individually and in her own style.
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Fiery pleas

We often work in the lee of the wings with an unwavering focus on growth and results for our clients.

Seeing that we do not like to talk about ourselves, we prefer to let some of our clients do the talking.

Caroline Rigo
CEO Rigorgeous

Stijn Lemmens
CEO Euroserre

Johan Meyssen
CEO Adesa Europe

Roger Lambie

When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.

Henry Ford

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