Business Games

Business Games develops interactive games for organisation development, knowledge sharing, employer branding and team building. They offer a safe learning environment in which participants are challenged to bring out the best in each other in a game setting. It’s a powerful tool that is also part of the Straight Business Partners toolbox.

Insights Discovery

The expertise of Insights Discovery is based on the ideas of renowned psychologist Jung. The people at Insights Discovery poured these ideas into a reflective model with a focus on personal, leadership and team development. Because every positive change starts with insight, a credo that Straight Business Partners strongly subscribes to.


SHL offers an unparalleled perspective on your workforce. Their pioneering research allows them to identify the factors that make your employees more or less successful in their jobs. Of course, such information is key for your business/operational results. It’s a precision instrument, one which Straight Business Partners is only too happy to use for the benefit of your organisation as well.


Applying for subsidies: it’s not every entrepreneur’s favourite pastime. It’s a maze of paperwork and bureaucracy for which you would do well to enlist the services of an experienced guide. A-Chief is such a guide and we often call them to untangle the knots.

Red Monkey Company

Innovation is not just a buzzword, it’s a vital part of any strategy. If you’re not moving forward, you’re moving backwards. Red Monkey Company provides the right environment, tools and insights to bring about real change. Their mission closely matches our own, which made a fruitful collaboration inevitable.


A brief reprieve from the old and the familiar. Searching for the peace and quiet of nature. Looking for that boost of oxygen to stimulate the brain. In short, the ideal surroundings for strategic cogitations, fresh insights and team building activities. Sparqzone takes care of that, and we have experienced first-hand how good it feels on several occasions! As a preferred partner, they, too, complement our range of services and provide content for various processes.


From creative concept to full implementation: Barrik dives into your company’s DNA to create a tailored corporate event. We already called on their services several times, and it’s an understatement to say that they have never disappointed us.

Danny saerens

For the ‘Alumni Sparkles’ interview series, Guberna asked Jo to interview some like minded people of repute. Last month, it was Danny Saerens, a strategic whiz who supports executives with Broaden Your World. An inspiring chat about his impressive career, the added value of a Board of Directors and – how could it be otherwise – governing in times of corona.

emmanuel flaam

The next in line of prominent thinkers is Emmanuel Flaam. For Guberna’s ‘Alumni Sparkles’ interview series, Jo subjected the managing director and partner of Netalux to a large Q and A. There was no shortage of topics for discussion: the optimal composition of a board of directors, pitfalls in combining operational management and a seat on the board and the importance of continuously updating your knowledge were all discussed.