Straight Five Model

The straight five methodology to help any business or non-profit organization to grow.

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We look at your strategy and business model from an independent and objective perspective. We then identify what we find to be able to (further) develop your strategy. Finally, you will receive a strategy that supports your entrepreneurial dreams and is in line with the economic context. At the same time, we look for opportunities for innovation in your business model together.



Your strategy will only be effective if all your employees, customers, clients and suppliers support it. We inspire and help you to create the positive vibe needed to bring about change at all levels. The ultimate objective here is to get everyone on the same page.



If you know the direction you want your business to evolve in, you can adjust your corporate culture to match your strategy. However, this requires time, clarity and resilience. We would be happy to help you with solutions tailored to your business that allow change not just once but continuously.



Developing a sound strategic plan is one thing, implementing it is another. Did you know that 60% of businesses that try to implement a new strategic plan fail due to a lack of focus? That is why we facilitate the entire process and develop a step-by-step plan and a schedule together with you. In doing so, we make you see your business in a different light, give you confidence and teach you to let go.


Achieving results

On the one hand, our Straight Five Model provides you with opportunities to achieve your objectives. Besides, it allows you to grow as a business or a non-profit organization and as a person. On the other hand, our Straight Five Model aims to make your business or non-profit organization more effective and efficient, so you achieve your predetermined results before your deadline. And we remain by your side during this process, as a stalwart supporter and as an extension of your business.

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Center for strategic excellence

We often work behind the scenes with an unwavering focus on growth and results for our clients.

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