Straight supports CEOs and managers of businesses and non-profit organizations such as public administrations, hospitals and schools.

The wingman by your side

  • Strategy development
  • Organization development
  • Team development

Sophisticated strategy, organization and team development are indispensable to every successful business or non-profit organization. And that is exactly what we excel in. What is even more important, however, is that, together with you, we can steer your organization in the right direction.

Depending on the situation, we formulate, broaden or deepen your business’s or organization’s vision and evaluate the market. We then monitor how the new vision is implemented and guide you until the results become visible. At the same time, we also track down opportunities for innovation in your business model and represent them visually in a comprehensive plan.

Moreover, more than anyone else, we know how to coach you and your employees in the best way possible and how to offer both of you the best facilities. By investing strongly in employee competence, efficient working and solution-oriented thinking, your employees’ productivity will increase, and they will contribute more to your business’s future success.

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Straight sessions

Strategies are living things because businesses and markets constantly change. Would you like to get to work yourself and build a learning business? And broaden your knowledge of topics such as strategy, leadership and administration?

Straight Business Partners offers strategic learning programs to decision-makers such as CEOs, managers and entrepreneurs. These programs are always tailored to the client’s needs.

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Lead rebel coaching

Are you looking for a personal sounding board? Jo Hendrikx, the driving force behind Straight, also coaches entrepreneurs and managers individually and in her own style.

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